The arrow spins, flicked in

A circle, part of the game

Passing the four pillars

Four houses, four rooms

Of love and hate

Rage and calm

Slowing, turning, this cold morning

And to rest, it sets the day

And the black dog growls

And the black dog growls

And the black dog growls again

Blue lights flashing on my side

Heading towards me

So that I have to stop

And the black dog growls again

They painted pictures of people without faces

And hung them on the wall

As if to mock me



Unwrap these cloying sheets

That bind and bind

The layers of life, tarred and heavy

Clinging like an undignified break up

Or grease to the baking tray 

After Sunday lunch 

Where everything ended up in the bin

And another layer wrapped itself tightly round my chest

Moon talk

Moon talk

By night we point laser towards our moon

And when it hits, we see it makes its mark

Getting a sense of place in this universe

A microdot, red and clear in the dark

A tilt! Flick wrist, margin of error

We miss this circling cratered core 

Beams travel deep, away from their target

Seek out a surface we’re yet to explore

Break cover

Break cover

Seagull swim, eagle swim

Push down against the surf

Trapped inside this house

The darkness of day waits below

The mouth of a monster

Down these steps; beneath these waves

Quick panic, and now take to the air

Close the front door and back up the stair

Brains before a storm

Brains before a storm

Calm before beauty

Brains before a storm

Brick bare walls

With meaning deformed

Replaster, repair

An attempt to reform

But the beholder of beauty

Is in the eye of the storm

Thoughts and memoria

Thoughts and memoria

To sleep is to ease myself out of the world

And tweeze out the thoughts and my fears

Twisting and turning the threads of the day

Cats cradling dreaming appears

But just as the rock on the fire glows red

And the river flows on through the night

The threads of our memories wear thin over time

And we lose them away to the wind



We sat on the hill to watch the strings

That pull the eclipse

You said it was magic, said it was fate

That we were here as the stars aligned

But we knew it was coming, saw it on the news

We planned to watch

And physics predicts the positions of the moon and star and earth

So it wasn’t magic and it wasn’t fate after all

The thief

The thief

To catch the thief

Who slipped the net

With that most precious

And crept away with youth

Through interaction

We reignite 

Our lost beauty

Only then we catch our thief